~ Reiki Treatment ~

In my Reiki practice, my intention is that you feel comfortable and safe and experience healing and joy!

I have treated a wide diversity of people, animals and plants with Reiki. I particularly enjoy giving Reiki to babies and children as it is such a gentle and soothing healing modality. Please contact me to find out my special student discounts!

» In-person Reiki treatment:
$80 per hour or $100 for 90 minutes

Here's what to expect in a Reiki session with me:

I will bring my massage table to your home or we can work out an alternative suitable location.

If you are unable to get onto the table, I can treat my clients while seated or in any position that is comfortable. If you desire, you may play peaceful music during the session.

Once you are comfortable, I will ask a few questions about your condition and then briefly meditate. Once the beginning preparations are completed, I will begin hand placements - there are several positions that can be used depending on your individual need. Keep in mind, I do not have to touch the client for Reiki to be effective and laying on of hands only occurs if this is comfortable for the client. The usual boundaries involved with professional massage are in effect during a treatment. I always gently ask permission before each hand placement. At any time, you may ask questions or make requests.


» Long distance Reiki treatment:
$75 per hour or $95 for 90 minutes
(A maximum of 90 minutes can be sent at a time. More Reiki than this can be sent but it will be sent over the course of multiple sessions.)

Reiki distance healings can take place at any distance and can involve a phone call if the client so desires with the client arranging to call me at a convenient time for both parties. Reiki is very effective over distance and some clients prefer distance Reiki as they can be doing whatever they want while I send the Reiki.